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Ask yourself if any of the following ring true?

Is your dog:

- Pulling on the leash?
- Friendly with other animals?
- Jumping on you or others?
- Not coming when called?
- Mouthing or Biting?
- Or just plain obnoxious?

Then let us give you a break and help with the training!!!
Board & Train Programs
Let us do all the work. In the board and train programs we have different options for however long you happen to
be gone on vacation or just want your dog to come in for some training. Daily training all the way up to our popular
6 week program.

Daily Training is an option for anyone who just wants to have a few sessions of training done while you’re gone
on a short trip or just need a couple days of brush up on your dog. This service is done every day except Sundays.

Our Weekly Board and Train is for customers that wish to have a few things worked on or some brush up on the obedience that they already know. The weekly board and train program is based on a 7 day period. Our weekly board and train program can range from just 1 week all the way up 5 weeks’ worth of training. We have a really popular 6 Week board and train program as well. By the end of the six week program your dog will heel on and
off leash, complete a sit, down and stand stay for an extended period of time under distractions and to come
when called.

We do a lot of variations of those tasks as well. At the four week point that your dog has been here with us we
want to meet with you and show the progress of the training so we will set up an appointment and give you a demonstration of the exercises that the dogs has learned so far. Then at the six week point we set up an appointment and demonstrate all the exercises that the dog has learned and most important work with you to transfer the training over so you know how to handle the dog. Also included is two follow up appointment to make sure that you are in control of your dog and that all the training we did transfers over to you. Our training services
are based on training 6 out of the 7 days a week. Sundays is the dog’s day off.

Private Lessons
You and our dog may need private lessons because of a busy schedule or a particular behavior problem your dog has developed.

These sessions can either take place here at our facility or under special circumstances, in your home where a particular problem is occurring. Our private lessons our geared towards getting basic control on your dog or
helping with that particular problem and getting it solved in about 1 or 2 sessions.

The advantage of private lessons is that you get to work with a professional trainer one-on-one at your convenience. Individual lessons are available everyday but Sunday by appointment.