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Boarding for Dogs
Each dog or dogs in the same family if more than one have their own 5 feet wide by 25 feet long individual indoor/outdoor area. Each dog run is covered so they can be outside and enjoy the weather without being in the direct sun or rain. The insides of the dog runs have radiant floor heating as well as being climate controlled with heaters & air conditioners.

When your dog is being boarded with us we provide everything for them. Not to say you can't bring stuff of your own for them. Each dog gets a bed or blanket so they have a place to lie down and something comfortable to sleep on at night. They have access to fresh water 24 hours a day. We feed a very high quality pet food in the kennel named Nutro Natural Choice. Most important they have us to be there with them & play with them & make sure they are happy! Please feel free to bring any treats, rawhides, bones, or any kind of treat you can think of.

Boarding for Cats
The cattery is a separate quiet indoor area. In the cattery we have our condos that face two windows so the cats can see outside and enjoy the scenery. Each cat has their own condo or if there is more than one cat in the family than they can share a condo.

Just like with the dogs we want the cats to feel as if they were at home. Even though cats do a lot of sleeping we feel it’s important to spend good quality time with them.

We provide all the amenities for the cats. Please feel free to bring anything you would like as well. The cats get blankets or beds so they have something comfortable to sleep on. They also get fresh water 24 hours a day and we let them out one at a time to walk around the cattery and explore.